Selling Your Old Stuff For Money

Choose What to Offer and Identify Its Worth

He began with one red paperclip, and managed to barter product for item till he ended up with a two-story farmhouse. His story is a fantastic read, but all Kyle was truly able to do is recognize people who valued his stuff more than he did, and who had something valuable to him.

This is the nature of appraisal and bartering. We’re not going to recommend you trade all of the scrap you wish to get rid of, however we are going to speak about how you can look at the scrap you think has no worth at all and figure out how much it might be worth to somebody who desires it. Here’s how:

Look up the product’s retail value, brand new. The first thing to do is discover how much it would cost you to replace a product you wish to eliminate. While you’re browsing, take note of how simple it is to obtain the item once again. If you can’t find the same product, try to find affordable, comparable replacements and note just how much they cost.
Now look around at sale sites like Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay to see how much individuals are selling the same product for. Keep an eye on how many people are selling the product and what condition they’re offering the item in.

Identify your selling price. You might be able to sell your product quickly as long as you price it well if you see the product extensively offered brand-new but not readily available utilized. In contrast, if you see the item is hard to find widely available but new utilized, you may have a tough time offering unless you’re willing to undercut everybody or the condition of your product is much better than many. The same holds true if a product is easy to discover both new and utilized. If your item is hard to discover both pre-owned and brand-new but sale prices are high, you might have something abnormally uncommon and can price appropriately. Assess the condition of the thing you want to sell, compared to the sale listings you’ve seen, and set your cost. Don’t shoot for new retail unless you know your product is rare– your best bet is to utilize other utilized or sale prices are a barometer.

You can follow these steps for almost anything you want to sell, assuming you wish to get the most possible cash back for it. Keep in mind, there are other factors to consider: if you’re offering to someone online, you have to account for shipping and insurance. Individuals may anticipate worths due to the fact that they’re selecting something up or taking it right off your hands if you’re selling locally.

If you prepare to offer at a neighborhood, garage, or backyard sale, the culture may play a role in how much you can get– not simply the value of the item. We’ve discussed a few of these specifics before, and we’ll use item-specific ideas later, however keep it in mind when you’re appraising the important things you wish to clear out of your house.

Keep in mind: if you can discover someone to whom the product you desire to get rid of is incredibly important, moreso than it is to you, make sure to get how much they think it’s worth. That’s what made Kyle’s experiment a success.

Electronic devices, Books, Video Games, and Computer Equipment

We’re no strangers to offering electronics, devices, and even video games for the most possible money. Check out those guides for more detailed ideas, but here’s a crash course in your finest choices for consumer electronics:

Amazon Market has, far and away, the best total selling experience. If you have an Amazon account, you can sell your unwanted electronics and consumer items, and the website even helps you set prices for your products and lets you keep in mind the condition of your item in your listing. The biggest benefit of using Amazon Market though is that you get to connect your item straight to the Amazon listing for the product, so anyone shopping for it will see your used product listing along with new ones.
eBay, in spite of all of its modifications for many years that have made the website even more hostile to sellers, is still a popular location if you’re looking to offload a lots of stuff. Rate yourself near or much better than the competition and your product will be sure to sell. The only thing you need to keep an eye out for is the charges that eBay draws from the sale of the item, and after that you’ll likely need to handle PayPal to process payment for the item. You’ll likewise need to thoroughly craft your listing to make certain it’s quickly discovered, attractive, and much better than the competitors. It’s not difficult to do: all you require is a great photo, a well-written description, and some smart timing. EBay is most likely worth it if your item is valuable. If you’re offering small, inexpensive stuff, avoid it or offer it on eBay as parts, targeted at DIYers and hackers who’ll buy it and fix it up. You never understand who’ll be interested in your old devices.

Depending on what it is you’re offering, you may be able to find specialized sites that are willing to make the process easier. We’ve mentioned a couple of for computer game, and a few more for cell phones, but your best possibility to make the most money is still with the big men. You might likewise turn to Craigslist here because you can set your own price and nobody takes a cut, but whether you’ll waste months waiting for good offers is impossible to think. Craigslist is fantastic for some things (as we’ll see quickly,) however it’s a crapshoot with little electronics.

We still believe Amazon and eBay are terrific avenues to get the most cash back, however if you’re selling books, don’t forget websites like Chegg and If you’re looking for more places to sell your books, the five best locations to buy inexpensive textbooks are a good starting point for sellers too.

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