Writing Classifieds When Selling A Physical Item

Classified ads are used for various reasons by anyone who either has a business they want to promote, a service they are offering, a service they are needing, or something they have to sell. In this blog post we’ll look to analyze the proper way to write a compelling classified ad when wanting to quickly sell a physical item using classified ads. You can and should use both online and offline classifieds to promote your item(s), but for the purpose of this article we’ll only focus on the online ads.

The first step is to make a list of the best classified ads websites available on the Internet. Obviously Craigslist would be the biggest and most important if you’re a US Citizen, but don’t limit yourself to only that. There are tons of websites that have millions of users searching for what you have to offer, and if you really want to sell your item quickly, it’s best to send your ad to more than one website.

Write A Good Ad

Don’t overcomplicate this step. Write a clear and to the point title where you mention exactly what you have for sale. In the description try not to ramble on for too long, be concise and make a bullet point list with the item’s features. Stuff like year of fabrication, color, condition, any improvements you might have made (where applicable), price, if you offer shipping etc.

Make sure to include at least 2 pictures of the item, the more the better. People want to see as many details as possible, so make it easy for them, it will lead to the item selling faster.

Create A Separate Email Address

When selling something through classifieds, you can get hundreds of emails about that item from potential buyers. It would be wise to open a new email address with a free provider (Gmail, Ymail, Mail.com) so you can easily find all the messages in a new and clean inbox, without getting your regular inbox filled with them.


Don’t only include an email address, but also a telephone number. Some people want to hear a human voice when looking to buy something through classified ads, so you’re increasing your chances of making the sale if you include your phone number as well.

Also make sure to include a general area where the item can be picked up in case you’re not offering shipping as well. Providing all of these details will make potential buyers trust you more and be more compelled to buy that item off you.

Finally, make sure to answer emails as fast as you can. People might lose interest or find a similar item from someone else if you’re not fast enough. Make sure to have some spare time available when posting a classified for selling a physical item, it would be a shame to miss out on the sale because you weren’t available for a reply.

You can now look forward to selling your item quickly, good luck!

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