Driving Traffic To Your Website With Classified Ads

When you have a business, there is nothing more important than getting as many customers as possible, and free internet traffic from classified ads accomplishes just that. But how do you post a classified ad and where should you post yours? How much traffic and how many new clients can you expect to get out of this? We’re going to answer these exact questions in this blog post.

Classified Ads Explained

Advertising via classifieds is one of the oldest methods of promoting your business and services and it existed long before the internet. People used to advertise in newspapers, on the street, on message boards, in post offices, on the radio and generally anywhere you could post your advert. And while these methods are still used today, online classified ads are now the simplest way for anyone to get their promo across. Simply put, classified ads have been proven to work time and time again. They are small text ads that include a relevant title and small sales pitch that is direct and to the point, usually containing a short call to action as well.

Why Should I Use Classified Ads?

If this isn’t obvious already, the #1 reason you should be using them is they are easy to set up and you’ll be able to reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers in a matter of minutes. While before the internet you had to print them in a magazine or newspaper, you can now write an ad and have it in front of your customers in minutes, from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

  1. Free or Paid Ads. You can even post your ad for free on multiple classifieds websites. Imagine that, free advertising in front of an audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Sure, if you go the ‘free’ route you might not get as many views as with paid ads, but any business you generate for free is invaluable.
  2. They will remain published forever. Post an ad once and get traffic from that add for months and years to come. Of course, traffic to older ads diminishes with time, but you can still get visitors to your website even years after originally posting the ad. Now that is a great return on a few minutes of work!
  3. Classifieds deliver results. Minimal effort for a good return is always a no brainer. The reason classifieds have been so strong and remain a top advertising method to this day and will do so till the end of time is because they actually work.

How to write your ad

Your ad should be short and to the point. Nobody wants to read long ads as people have very short attention spans. Write a compelling headline, something that directly states what you are offering in the fewest possible words. Then in the actual post be descriptive but to the point and include a call to action. Again, focus on not writing long descriptions here, be confident in what you are offering and explain why the potential client needs it.

By simply doing a Google search on ‘classified ads’ you should find several websites that allow you to post your ads for free. You can even get paid ads for more exposure, and you should do so for the free ads that have performed best for you.

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